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I’ve been in a pretty good funk lately and even with some aggregation of today when I got home this helped. I am still just overjoyed at this gift. It has certainly lifted my spirits and let me know that there are people who do unselfish things (not that i didn’t know this) but it was more than appreciated. I love it even more once I got it on my door. Thank you so much again and God bless whoever did this. You’ll never know what this meant to me. 💕

I am leaving for work this morning walk out my door and found a beautiful surprise. Sitting a top my grill is this beautiful blue and gold wreath. None one in my family knows where it came from. I absolutely love it and to the person/family who did this thank you so much. This made my day and was such a huge generous gesture. Again thank you so very much. I didn’t have time this morning to hang it but most certainly will when I get home. Again thank you and God bless!!!!

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